About Us

Here at Coactive ICT, we’ve been providing specialist IT support to businesses across a wide range of industries for over 10 years. Our sole goal is to make sure that your business’ most important technologies are running smoothly, allowing you to stay at your best.

coactive ict directors

Our directors John Kilkenny, Marc Halstead and Nathan Wright have decades of experience in the ICT industry. Their experience isn’t a sign of being behind the times though – as everything we do at Coactive uses the most reliable and relevant methods in the industry. Alongside our incredible team of nerds that are on hand to help you out no matter the issue, we’ll always be around to do what we can to help your business.

Every single one of our clients know that whether it’s a brand-new system or ongoing support, we’ll get to know as much as we can about them and their business so that we can provide the best solutions. When they have a problem, we’re at the end of the phone – or we’ll go out to their premises to make sure we get them up and running.

If you’re looking for a dependable partner in ICT support, speak to our team of professionals at Coactive ICT today and let us help your business succeed.